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What to Do In Cozumel for a Day   

Perhaps you are taking a Carnival Cruise Cozumel or a Disney Cruise Cozumel.  You have one day to spend in the area.  The question is, “One day in Cozuel what do I do?”  If you find yourself in this enviable predicament, here is a list of fun things to do in CozumelMexico

The best day pass in Cozumel is MrSanchos all inclusive day pass.  You are provided with all you can eat or drink.  Kayaking and snorkeling can be done in a separate area.  Kids are welcome. 

If you decide not to do the day pass in Mr Sanchos, there is a separate area where entrance is free and you can pay a-la carte.

One of the finest beach parks in Cozumel is Playa Mia.  The hospitality and warmth of the Mexican people is found here.  Along with the white sandy beaches and crystal turquoise water, there are over 20 attractions and services.  If you need to know what to do in Cozumel with kids, you will find the answer here. 

If you are looking for a beach club Cozumel has a couple of excellent choices.  The Playa Corona/ Corona Beach Club have an outdoor café.  This facility is a combination of one of the best shore excursions in Cozumel and water activities.  They have workout equipment, or you can swim in the relatively calm water.  You can also snorkel in Cozumel.

Both Mr Sanchos and Carlos ‘n Chariie’s Beach Club have free entrance.  International cuisine is offered at the Palapa& Deck restaurant.  Some special offerings are Wi-Fi, massages, and hair braids.  There are numerous tours in Cozumel.  For cruise shore excursions, local companies offer tours comparable to cruise ship tours at a reasonable price.  Available Cozumel tours include sunset cruises, parasailing, massages, cooking classes, submarines, speed boats, Jeep tours, catamarans, and adventure tours.

Day trips in Cozumel can be done on your own or arranged by a tour operator agency in Cozumel.  To enjoy one of the excursions in Cozumel on your own, utilizing a cab is advised.  Cab drivers may speak little English.  They will be polite and helpful.  You will be delivered to the main plaza.  There are lots of things to do in Cozumel.  There are fishing boats anchored to the beach, tropical vegetation, old mansions, shy iguanas, a beautiful Catholic church, a park with a gazebo-typical of the area, and a colorful cemetery.  Catch another cab to find one of the numerous places on the beach to visit. 

Cozumel tours activities and excursions include Cozumel tours by cab to the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel.  The fascinating Mayan history is explained on this tour.  In the drive along the island’s east coast, you will discover coastal flora beauty.  Photo opportunities are provided along the way.  A stop at a restaurant-bar, located on the beach, will allow tourists to sample delicious Mexican dishes. 

When spending the day in Cozumel, purchasing either a Mr Sanchos Day Pass or a Playa Mia Cozumel Grand Beach & Water Pass are fine ways to be entertained.  Top quality service and facilities are provided.  Visitors can swim and sunbathe in the crystal clear water and on the sandy beach.  A waterpark Cozumel  has animal shaped slides, water jets, a pirate ship, and water cannons.  Kids can find all of these at the Buccaneers’ Bay pool/lagoon.